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Posted by Wayne Kossman on 6/8/2015 to Floor Care
Woodpecker Floor Cleaning System supplies everything you need to not only clean, but also sustain your floor's beauty.
Hardwood floors have two enemies, dirt and excess water. Urethane varnishes used on most of these types of surfaces are srcatched by dirt trapped in residues and eaten away by harsh chemicals - ammonia's, vinegars, oils and wax based products should always be avoided to prolong your floor's lifespan.
The Woodpecker floor-care system is created specifically with these types of flooring in mind and is a firm favorite here at The system comprises three purpose-made products and a genius non-sctratch kit with 360 (degree) swivel, terry cloth cleaning tool. Below is an outline of the products in the system, it's our favourite way to keep our own Hardwood & Laminate floors shining.
Woodpecker Penetrating Floor Prep Prior to applying a top coat, your floor needs to be prepared by removing contaminants such as oils and soap. The Woodpecker penetrating floor prep is essential for removing these contaminants as it deep cleans your floor for successful application of the protecting top coat.
Woodpecker Floor Cleaner Concentrate Cleaning hardwood floor with water and soap is bad for your floor, as it causes the wood surface to degrade and lose its luster over time. However, the Woodpecker floor cleaner concentrate, mixed with water in the right proportions is great for cleaning your hardwood or laminate floor and should be used regularly as part of your cleaning regime.
Woodpecker Smart Shine Acrylic Urethane "Top Coat" Preforming preventive maintenance on your floor keeps your floor looking as good as new and will have friends and family admiring your floor. Using the Woodpecker smart shine Acrylic Urethane Top Coat literally applies a glossy protective sheen that puts a "buffer" between your floor and the rigors of everyday.
Woodpecker Hardwood & Laminate Floor Care Kit For your daily or weekly cleaning job, the woodpecker hardwood and laminate floor care kit is your handy companion. The kit contains a customized floor care applicator that has a wide base, low profile and a 360 degree swivel hinge that makes it easy to clean around furniture and navigate into just about any space. The floor applicator also has a non-abrasive scrub pad attached for cleaning tough stains without any abrasive scratching. Additionally, the kit contains a floor cleaning formulation that does not contain oil or wax and is safe for use on all "polyurethane, water base and factory finished" hardwood and laminate floors. The kit also contains a terry bonnet that is customized to fit the floor care applicator; the bonnet is reversible, washable and long lasting. The Woodpecker floor care kit is an excellent tool for maintaining a clean and "streak free" hardwood and laminate floor.
The Woodpecker Hardwood and Laminate floor cleaning system takes the guesswork out of your floor-cleaning. Using this tailor made floor cleaning system will keep them shining from clean to clean.
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